Band Name: Drew Bear

Member: Andy Wall

Brief-Bio: Drew Bear is a solo act focusing on electronics. Occasionally, Drew Bear is joined by brass, as well as guest vocals. Andy also is a member of Harper's Grove and formerly, Mood Indigo. Wall is a proud graduate of Oak Forest High School, and represents one of the many talents to come from the suburbs during the AC Variety era.

TMJ Live - December 2016 *Will be part of an upcoming production.

Set List: Echoes
             You Can Count On Me
             The Begining of Something
             Broke It
             I'm Losing My Mind
             Midnight Beaches
             Peace & Quiet

Open Mic IX

Set List: Circuits Of Love
             Your Last Chance
             Real Deal
             Autumn's Fall

Open Mic VIII

Set List: Your Last Chance
             What's Out There
             Take It or Leave It
             Mixed Feelings
             Icy Gurlz

Open Mic VII

Set List: Opening
             Something About Us
             The Life Giver


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